Day 1 …T Shirts Ruffle Scarf

So, I’m starting my 30 day diy challenge today.  I went to the store yesterday to stock up with supplies so I will have everything I need for this week.  I’m really excited about all the projects I’m going to be doing.  Tyson, although, I don’t think is very excited.  He was nervous yesterday about how much money I was going to spend, and was very happy that I didn’t spend much.  For day 1 I decided to do one of the t shirt scarves on Pinterest.  I was sooo incredibly easy to do, it is a no sew scarf, the instructions say to use fabric glue but I sewed it anyway.  The blog I got the tutorial on was really easy to follow so here’s the link for it:  the diy dish.  And here’s the finished product, thanks to my amazing husband for the photos.  You can use old t shirts, but I didn’t have any old t shirts, so I got this one at Hobby Lobby for $5.


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