Wallcoverings are becoming very popular again.  They are now making all kinds of patterns, textures, and colors.  The wallcoverings can go from subtle to bold in the color and pattern.  I’ve recently found several websites that have wallcoverings.  MissPrint creates modern wallpaper designs in PEFC certified paper – that promotes the sustainable management of forests – that are manufactured in the UK. Their wallpapers use organic pigment inks that are naturally toxic-free, contain no heavy metals, and are non-carcinogenic.

Weitzner Limited is another wallcovering website I found and they do some very interesting things with old newspapers.  “Using an age-old technology of upcycling old newspapers, 100% real newsprint strips are handwoven on a loom and then paperbacked to make Newsworthy suitable for the wall. A wonderful, tactile alternative to an expected grasscloth. From a distance, Newsworthy is a striated gray field of subtle colors similar to a natural fiber wallcovering. Up close, its true nature becomes apparent, showing off text of all styles and scales as well as splashes of color from the images. The manufacturing method of Newsworthy makes the daily news elegant, structured and fit for any wall”.  Here are some of the newspaper wallcoverings.  


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