Tyson and I recently ripped out our ugly carpet in our hallway and front room and he installed some really nice laminate flooring.  I’m putting up before and after pictures.  The pictures don’t show how ugly and dirty our carpet was.  You can kind of see where the dirty marks are that people put their feet while sitting on the couch.  We cleaned it several times and it wouldn’t come out.  So, to hide the ugliness we bought a really ugly cheap berber rug to hide the carpet.  When we took the rug up when we were going to rip out the carpet there was a clean rectangle under where the rug was.  I work at a flooring showroom and I can get everything at cost so we decided on some laminate.  Here are the pictures, there are a lot of pictures but everyone loves pictures right?

Yes, I know I’m vacuuming right before the carpet is getting ripped out, go ahead and make fun Tyson already did.  

Carpet is gone and they left us with some ’70s linoleum in the hallway and in the front doorway.

These are the after pictures for just the floor.  We also got baseboards, they really help define the space.  Looks much better than before with the carpet cove.
Tyson installed the floor himself, doesn’t it look amazing?

This is the best part, this is where it all comes together.  These first pictures are some of the newer accessories we’ve chosen.

I love this lamp because it lets out a lot of light and it has texture.
Plus the color matches a few of the picture frames on the walls.

This is basically the same picture but it shows a little more of the side table.   We found these at the DI and added the top with tile and the slats on the bottom to hold some books or other accessories.  This adds some color to the room and also brings some interest with the tiling on the top.
This is the arc lamp I got for my birthday, you may recognize it from IKEA.  It is the only arc lamp they have except we have changed out the lampshade.

These are some pillows I made, they are super easy and I love the fabric I found.  And the bold colors look great against the dark sofa.
This is the new rug we picked out, I did really want something darker but I knew if  I got a lighter rug it would help lighten the room because of the dark floors and dark sofas.


4 thoughts on “NEW FLOOR!

  1. LOVE it!! We have the ugliest carpet in the world and it is so hard to keep clean. We thought about getting new carpet but Brock wants to wait until we have sidewalks and a garage. Maybe we will have to try hard wood floor!! Good JOB!!!!


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